Stone Hollond has been borne out of Caroline Paterson Interiors, a studio that has been on the design scene for 35 years, working on projects in the UK and abroad, mastering both traditional and modern interiors.

Owners, Josh Stone and Phoebe Hollond tastes are anchored in the narrative flair of Italian mid-century, sensually modernist with a twist of the glamorous art deco era.

Their interiors have a sense of history, that makes them feel layered and comfortable as well as fresh and timeless. The studio is a multi-disciplinary studio, designing all aspects from interior architecture to decorative pieces.

About Stone Hollond Interior Design
Design Philosophy of Stone Hollond

Design Philosophy

Building a home is not a simple endeavour, and we understand that. It is not superficial, nor simplistic and requires layers of complexity, time and memories. It is the delicate art of mixing old and new into a beautiful symphony of spaces and objects in balance. And when they find that perfect balance, it becomes serendipitous.

We are committed to do just that: turn spaces into homes. Homes that aren’t anyone’s, but yours.