Golborne Road

London, UK

Our client, the founder of Portobello Trust, wanted the property to feel unique and unexpected, to be a world away from the usual developments. The idea is not to create a blank canvas for someone to rip up, but it is to conjure up a feeling that when someone walks into the space, they think, this home was made just for me.

Interior Stone Hollond
Interior Apartment

We were inspired by the bohemian nature of the area and the vast diversity in cultures, architecture, food and shops, which fed nicely into the soulful and intimate rooms. We wanted the space we created to feel like a peaceful oasis, a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Golborne Road.

Soulful, intimate rooms. a tranquil escape.

Golborne Road Staircase
Kitchen Interior Stone Hollond
Staircase Interior

There is an interesting juxtaposition around that area of the old and the new and one can not design a place that overlooks Trellick Tower without embracing a form of modernism, which you can see clearly in the architecture of the spaces and in particular the staircases. Where modern design converges with a more laissez faire approach, you reach this realm that hopes to adopt a feeling of something quite unique, the melting pot of various styles, North and West African pieces that sit alongside Middle Eastern weaves that sit amongst a backdrop of wide natural oak floorboards.

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Bedroom Interior Design
Golborn Road Apartment
Golborn Apartment
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Golborn Terrace